This is for a black and white copy from my 1940's mail order #784 "OLD FASHIONED GIRL"quilt transfer pattern.You will receive a copy of all 12 design motifs (6 different motifs with their mirror images) as well as the quilt assembly instructions.Completed quilt with ruffle measures 54"x71".Quilt is to be embroidered and appliqued (skirts + eyelet trim for pantaloons).The 6 designs are:girl in pantaloons with bunny/girl in skirt with flowers/girl in pantaloons with kitten/girl in skirt holding mirror/girl in pantaloons with puppy/girl in skirt with puppy.For a varied effect;you could make all the squares with just pantaloons OR make all the squares with appliqued skirts only OR for extra UMPF, do a bit more work and give all the girls eyelet ruffled pantaloons peaking out from under their appliqued skirts.The motifs measure approx. 12"x10" and are to be placed on 14.5"x14.5" squares.........To use this copy you will either need to trace the design with a transfer pen and then iron onto fabric or trace it with a pencil directly onto fabric.