Paralysed Age - Into The Ice 2002 CD, Dancing Ferret Discs. Once you get past the Nordic "Metal" cover, you'll find Paralysed Age to be a Gothic Rock band with elements of darkwave hearkening back to guitar-driven 1980's bands like The Cure and Sisters of Mercy. (Although they are not copies of either.)The songs are catchy and rich with memorable choruses and pop hooks, and the entire package is enhanced by a warm and dense production. Rachel McDonnell of The Cr端xshadows has a guest spot on one track. This is a difficult CD to find. If you're looking for a good retro 80's goth rock band, this is it. This copy has a crease down the middle of the tray card, but is otherwise in ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT condition. Tracks: 1. Berenice 2. Into the Ice 3. My Sweetest Return 4. Your Coldest Smile 5. Ocean 6. Self Control 7. Darkened Skies 8. Dawn of Life 9. Dunes 10. Get Faster, Reach Devil 11. Sacrifice 12. Waiting For You