Copyright 1928

First Printing, New Applewood 1996

This is #5 in the Hardy Boys series, a FIRST edition by Applewood, new, with faithfully replicated text and art. The first edition of this title did not have a numberline, although beginning with the second edition, the numberline was printed, as in most of the other books in the series.

Originally written by Leslie McFarlane under the Stratemeyer Syndicate pseudonym "Franklin W. Dixon,"  the 214-page text was gutted and drastically altered in 1963 by new author Alistair Hunter (177 pages). Only the title and pseudonym remain the same after the 1963 revision.

The original text version of this title is on the Publishers' Weekly list as 111th in all-time best-selling juvenile books. Presently out of print.

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(5 HBB)