Lamberton & Scammell, a Trenton, NJ pottery, manufactured this commemorative plate for the Netherlands Aid Society to honor the January 19, 1943 birth of Princess Margriet Francisca, the third child of Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard. The Dutch royal family lived in Canada during World War II when the Netherlands were occupied by Nazi Germany. The poem in the center of the plate is to the Princess.

A translation:

Child of Orange, so far from home,

God may grant three gifts to thee -

A rooster crowing Holland's victory,

A flag of Orange flying free,

Two wooden shoes to wear on Holland's soil

As she tells jubilantly of her love for thee.

God grant thee these gifts three.


This 10-3/8 inch diameter plate is in excellent pre-owned condition with no chips or cracks. Will ship via parcel post upon request.