This powerful ring creates an intense longing in your lost love to reestablish contact. You both have a powerful connection with each other and that reason allows this potion to be so successful.

Your lost love will begin thinking about you again wondering how things went wrong.

They will ask themselves "HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID?"

OR if they are unaware of your love for them will will start to motive you again

They will go through the mental steps they need to go through in order to get to the point where they will get in touch with you again.

They loved you once they can love you again with a little magic I can bring them to see what once they saw before.

Love is powerful and we all have that one true love if they were your true love you should be able to be with them once again.

They will come back to you

They will love you again

You are there true love forever and always

You will begin to notice your ex lover will want to talk they will ask to see you they will want only to be around YOU and only you.

This ring can work on current lovers as well.

Is he starting to ignore you?

Do you fear he is seeing another woman behind your back?

Or is she starting to come home late?

Does she talk to other men?

This ring can and will bring your ex lover and your current lover back to that love you had when you first kissed!

This ring is very powerful and can truly make you happy again.

This ring comes with instructions  

My name is Mother May flower

 I have been practicing witchcraft for 40 years. My bloodline goes back to the Gypsies from the Czechoslovak German border. My grandmother left her home country to come to the United States in hope of a safe place to practice her powers in peace. She passed down her knowledge to my mother who has passed it on to me. We believe in helping with our magic. It is used to help others not ourselves we believe witches who use their magic to help themselves are the ones who become what is known at dark witches.

I practice only white magic

Hello my name is Mother Mayflower I have been practicing magic for many many years. I am selling off my recently passed mother's collection along with items I feel I no longer need. I will be selling many items to help bring magic to all that wish to allow it into their life. I hope that you too wish to have the powers my items bring to all who possess them.

*as required by eBay policy- I have to state that all paranormal and metaphysical items sold in my store are for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase. I can not guarantee you will feel the same energies felt by the previous owner. You also agree by purchasing this item that I am not held responsible for what kind of results you receive.