This item is an unassembled 1/144 scale handmade "garage resin" model kit. The kit is all white polyurethane resin [plastic] with [most have] a clear polyester resin canopy, historically accurate decals and scale drawings. The master for this kit was hand-carved by one of several artists who do our kits. We make the silicone molds by hand, and then cast the model kits and parts from liquid resin.

 Our line of handmades includes many variants not widely available in 1/144 scale. The kits are mostly  "one-piece" castings with some small detail parts including clear [polyester resin] canopies and landing gear.. They are intended for the experienced model builders and collectors. They build great-looking models. 

They are solid resin, and detailing must be done to suit. Sheet styrene plastic, and metal rod and tube are often included for scratch building some components, like float struts for our floatplanes, blade antennas, landing gear doors etc. We want you to enjoy your models, so let us know if you need anything to help complete your model.