Car Stray Pet Rescue Kit Dog Cat Insulated Bag Leash Bags Water Bowl New

Kit includes:

  • Insulated carry bag with strap, measures 10 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 3"
  • Four-foot leash
  • Portable, reusable pet bowl for food and water
  • Ten six-inch square zip-lock bags for treats and food

This is great to have in your car for those occasions when you come upon a stray or lost animal and want to help. We've included a leash, a portable water bowl, and zip-lock bags. To use the leash without a collar, simply slip the hook end through the handle and slip the loop over animal's head. Keep freeze-dried food, dog biscuits, soft cat treats, or the like in the zip-lock bags. Be sure to also have water on hand. The bag will hold a 16.9 oz size bottle (not included). An old towel or small blanket is also recommended.

All items are new.