Target Phil Taylor Power Titanium Shafts. Exclusively developed for and endorsed by 16 X World Champion Phil 'The Power' Taylor. designed to Phil's exact specification, the Power-Titanium Generation 2 is 0.5g heavier than the original Power-Shaft helping to create the perfect balance for the stacking style of play 'The Power' is known for. The added weight is achieved by reducing the size of the shaft's thread, which increases the amount Titanium in the shaft and therefore the weight, further improving the shaft's balance. Featuring Target's Pinch Grip technology, which grips the flight tighter as the top is screwed in, the design also allows for the aluminium tops to be replaced quickly and conveniently. 2ba thread size Replaceable Aluminum tops - SOLD SEPARATELY Length - 37.9mm / 1 1/2" without threads. Very high quality construction from one the biggest names in darts!

Titanium Shafts with Power Lightning Bolt Laser Engraving

Designed Specifically for Phil "The Power" Taylor

1 set of 3 Dart Shafts

2ba thread size

Replaceable high grade aluminum tops

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Package quantity: 1