The Cactus and the Crown 1962 Catherine Gavin Historical Novel Mexico
 Title:  The Cactus and the Crown
 Edition:  Book Club
 Cover type:  Hardcover, tan with aqua spine, gold lettering, with dust jacket.
 Author:  Catherine Gavin
 copyright:  1962
 Publisher:  Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York
 ISBN:   none
 Number of pages:  472
 Size:  about 5.5 inches wide, 8.5 inches tall, 1.25 inch thick.
 Condition:  Good.  Binding good.  Cover shows signs of age and wear.  No writing inside.
                   Name sticker on blank page in front.  Dust jacket is tattered, but complete.
 Exceptionally well-researched historical novel.
 Endpaper map of Mexico by Palacios.

      This novel takes place during the beginnings of the Mexican nation.
      Begins in 1864 when Maximilian von Hapsburg, Archduke of Austria, becomes
 Emporer of Mexico and his ambitious wife Charlotte becomes Empress.
      The main fictional characters are Sally Lorimor and her brother Dr. Andrew Lorimor,
 Americans who had lived through the Civil War in the South, and had inherited a chance
 for a new life in Mexico.  Sergeant Pierre Franchet of the French Foreign Legion, serves
 in Mexico with the French  Expeditionary Force.
      Very interesting story with a background of the guerilla forces of Benito Juarez, the
 Juaristas' struggle to regain rule of Mexico from the French and Maximilian's
 Austro-Hungarian rule.
      Dr. Catherine Gavin (1913-1999) was a Scottish writer and History Lecturor
 at University of Aberdeen, with a speciality in French History.  She served as a war
 correspondent in World War II.  She lived in San Francisco, California in her later years.
     The Cactus and the Crown (1962) was Catherine Gavin's tenth published work.

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