A SET OF (44) FORTY-FOUR ALL DIFFERENT 12" LP RECORD ALBUMS OF THE RADIO SHOW "RENFRO VALLEY GATHERIN'". The release dates range from 1971 through 1976. This is not a complete inventory of all the shows broadcast during those years, but are various, random weekly shows on vinyl we purchased from a defunct radio station. Released 1971-1976. These radio shows come in generic white covers with radio station writing with the title, artist, show number, and track listings. Condition: Records generally grade VG+ and better. Comments: The Renfro Valley Gatherin' (also formerly known as Renfro Valley Sunday Morning Gathering ) is a United States radio program based in Renfro Valley, Kentucky. The Gatherin' is the third oldest continually broadcast radio program in America, and since the 2007 cancellation of the WWVA Jamboree it is the second-longest such program featuring country music. Only the Grand Ole Opry (1925) and Music and the Spoken Word (1929) have been continually broadcast longer.