Today I am offering this 52mm Alcron Close-Up set with its case in outstanding condition. Absolutely no dents, dings or scratches that I can see. This is the most economical way to enjoy close-up Macro photography. If your lens has 52mm filter threads, you can use this kit. Just thread one filter (or more. You can stack them) onto the front of your lens and you are in business. It's that easy. I have priced this kit to sell quickly at $25.

Please have a good look at the picture(s) for cosmetic condition details.

This item would be the perfect gift for the shutterbug in your family!

Please note that most of my listings have a "Buy It Now" price. Please make a reasonable offer and you might just win this item right now!

As with all of my items for sale, I am here after the sale to advise you at any time and for any reason. Even if you didn't buy the item from me. How's that for Service After The Sale?!!!

And let's not forget about your ILC Interchangeable Lens Compact camera otherwise known as the 'Mirrorless Camera System' that is so popular right these days. With the correct lens adapter you can use this lens on just about any ILC Mirrorless camera. B&H has a ton of these adapters starting around $20. Get a few of these and then they sky's the limit. You'll have hundreds a new lens options! Both caps and/or a UV filter are included.

Shipping with tracking to US addresses only is $13 (blame the USPS for the recent rate hike. It never ends...). An insurance value of up to $50 is included in the shipping fee. Additional insurance is available for higher value items but YOU MUST ASK FOR AND PAY FOR IT. If there is a loss in transit and you didn't buy additional insurance, your maximum refund payment will be $50. In any case, your refund payment will not exceed the item's actual sale price.

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