1968 United States Naval Training Company 309 Keel Yearbook
Great Lakes Illinois
The Keel
Recruit Training Command Class
Graduating Class Roster
1st Regiment
15th Battalion
August 5, 1968

A "Keel” as defined in Bluejacket Manual, is "the backbone of a ship.” In the Navy, the enlisted man and his shipmates form the backbone of the Navy. Founded in 1911, the United States Naval Training Center (USNTC) in Great Lakes, Illinois has trained over 125,000 men during the WWI and over 1 million during WWII. The Keel was published for each graduating Recruit Training Command Class as a record of the experience. Included is each Recruit’s name, portrait, Company Commanders and Commanders of the Training Center.

This 1968 Yearbook is a pictorial representation of the training received by every recruit as he is indoctrinated in the duties and responsibilities he must take up in the billet of a Man-o-warsman, and so it is called "The Keel”. The book is in great shape inside with only one small stain that I could spot. No torn or missing pages. The cover has some damage to it. The front has a bit of fading of the gold lettering, and the back has some stains and indentations. I think you can see easily in the pictures. The spine is in great shape. It measures 9 1/2” x 12 1/2”. It is a wonderful piece of history and would be a great gift for any relative of the Recruit. T

The following is the Roster of the Graduating Class for Company 309, 1st Regiment, 15th Battalion. They commenced training June 13, 1968 and completed training August 5, 1968.

Company 309 Command Leaders LT. F.J. Sullivan, USN Brigade Commander LT. D.G. Willett, USN Regimental Commander LTJG W.R. Brenneman, USNR Battalion Commander J.B. Lambert, ABEC Company Commander W.E. Railey Company Commander’s Aide

Company 309 Graduating Class Roster:

Hector Diaz RPOC, John Vanas EPO, Benjamin Wood First Platoon Leader, John Hachman MAA, Phillip Sayre Company Clerk

Eddie Alford, Charles Allen, William Amos, Stanton Arshan, Dale Balsbaugh, Thomas Falint, Charles Baskin, William Behling, Bark Blaesing, James Bonner, Steven Brown, Michael Brooks, Gary Campbell, Michael Carpenter, Thomas Cebulka, Ronald Clark, Donald Collins, Robert Cole, John Combee, Terry Cordle, Ritchie Cummins, Norris Davis, Joseph Davis, Robert Deane, John Dobbins, Roger Dorrance, Joseph Driskill, Scott Duncan, Charles Eckles, Jerome Evans, Robert Farrow, Jerry Forsyth, Allan Fountain, George Foust, David Freeman, Jose Garcia, Gary Gearhart, James Giblin, Thomas Green, David Griffin, Jason Gullion, Edward Hopson, James Hoteling, Richard Ivory, Thomas Kemmerer, Gregory Krimer, Ronald Lee, Robert Lonn, William Marshall, Lewis McCormick, James Meadows, Richard Mims, Gary Morh, Thomas Moses, Charles Newman, Herbert Owens, William Percy, Harold Perry, B.J. Makowski, John Pickard, Wilbur Rawlings, Ronald Renaldo, L. Schieferstein, Charles Schaefer, Freddie Settle, George Shannon, Andy Snow, Michael Solomon, Gerald Streier, T. Vandenburgh, Michael Wenger, Robert Westmark, David Williams, Robert Wilson, Robert Wyatt, Warren Yarber, Leroy Zamora (No Photo Gene Perine).

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