Dragons are warriors for light called light workers.

DRAGONS are a collective of souls who service light and good deeds.




We can infuse our souls into bodies that are not dragon (human for example). In this way we can work for light and efficiently bring about changes in ourselves and in the world around us.

We work in teams, and often share our vessels (bodies) with other members of the kin. The earth's conscious is evolving, there are many of us here working to accomplish that end.


The dragon within the ring is a GOLDEN DRAGON.



The golden ray, the creative spark are aspects of gold dragons.

They are the keepers of phi. 

The GOLDEN DRAGON always speaks the language of the heart therefore, 

Art and music are very important to the golden dragon.

*Did you know, Golden dragons are heralds to the council of all other dragons?



Golden Dragons are the most powerful and influential of the Dragon races.

They always side with good and they are within the power of the white light.

Golden dragons are graceful and very wise creatures that will always right injustice and foul play. They are not intimidated by anyone or any other Dragon or creature and will stand up for what they believe in!

Golden dragon is a fierce guardian of their friends and will protect those they love at any cost, if you are similar to the golden dragon and desire the same things... then this is the ring for you

What do you wish for on very deep level....golden dragon can help you