Turn Lights on when Motion is Detected. Totally wireless motion detector. Control any lamp or small radio. Great for security
No Wiring needed
Great for inside or outside security.
Motion can be mounted outside to turn inside light on. Use as a warning when someone aproaches.
Use to turn light on in a room as you enter.
No need to turn on a switch.
Light shuts off 5 minutes after motion has stopped.
Controls up to 600W of incandescent lighting.
Override Feature-Control Switch allows you to turn lights on and leave them on. How it works
Simply plug receiver in outlet, then plug lamp or other small appliance into receiver.
Mount Motion Detector anywhere inside or outside.
Works with 4 AA Batteries (not incl.)
When anyone approaches detector a wireless signal transmits to receiver and light turns on Other features
Can be set to activate anytime or night time only
Motion transmits to receiver up to 100 feet away
Easy mounting bracket with swival adjustment.
Motion can be used indoor and outdoor, receiver indoor only. 2 year warranty. -Add a Remote control to this unit for only $2.00 more.-