Chanukah Dreidel
A design featuring a spinning dreidel. A toy, similar to a small top, traditionally associated with Hannukkah, the Hebrew letters Nun, Gimmel, Heh, and Shin appear on each of the four sides. They are a mnemonic for the phrase "A great miracle happened there" referring to the land of Israel.

Needlepoint by Pepita
Pepita Needlepoint printed needlepoint canvas is fun for every level of stitcher, from beginner through advanced. No need to follow complicated charts - the design is printed in full color, right on the canvas. The 100% cotton canvas is durable, easy on the hands, and stitches up quickly at 13 threads per inch. Many canvases come with full-color charts and intructions at no additional cost.

Includes 14 skeins DMC Pearl Cotton #3, plus a DMC Tapestry Needle #20