Vintage Carved Wooden Horse on Wheels with Rider

This is a hand-made wooden horse with a rider that looks like it was carved from one piece of wood. The horse and rider are carved together. There are no identifiable marks on it that points to its origin, year or maker, but it appears to be somewhat old.

The horse is mounted on a piece of wood that has four wheels, however the wheels do not rotate. The nails that hold the wheeled frame to the base and on the horse's harness, do not look modern. The wheels do not rotate, however the arms on the rider move up and down a little, the right more than the left, but I don't want to force it to see its limit.

The harness is nailed around the horse's head and wrapped around the shoulders of the rider. The horse is painted with a combination of rust-brown, yellow and mustard-like colors. The rider has red pants, a blue shirt and red cap.

Measures: Approximately 8" long x 10" high x 2.57" wide.
Weighs: 1 pound 3 ounces.
Condition: Since it's hand-carved and old there are marks and scrapes throughout the body. What stands out is blue-chipped paint on the left forearm, on the back of the jacket collar and a small chip below the horse's mouth. The joints on the arms by the shoulders are recessed like there used to be some sort of plug in them.

Otherwise, just a nice little collectible piece for the horse aficionado.

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