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We are happy to present this pretty ring with many spells to light up your life!

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Ring is 925 sterling silver with a gold sun face.  The words "You are my Sunshine" are engraved into the band.  What a perfect gift idea!

I have all sizes available at this time.  Please specify your size when you check out.

We spell cast these rings over 6 full moon cycles to give them an extra punch of power.  

The sun is the center of all life forms.

It brings warmth and gives life.  It symbolizes intelligence and our divine self.

Wearing this ring will instantly make you feel lighter, happier and content.

You will notice stressful situations rolling off, giving way to new solutions to persistent problems.

Depression will fade and you will have more and more happy days as your energies mix with these potent spells.

People are attracted to happy people!  It is a proven fact.  

Happy = SEXY! 

sun photo: SUN LOVE Couples-Love--amor--Couples--Imagineglow-Love--kissing--mora--romantika--ZACHODY-SOCA--amore--my-album--comments--wow--dAvLO----Moj--10--Adu.jpg

Real sexiness is something much deeper than appearance. It’s more than bone structure and skin tone or the curves of the body or the sway of the hips. Many apparently sexy people at a distance can turn out to be very unsexy when you get to know them!

So what is sexiness? It is a quality of person that transcends even the physical. And what’s that quality? In a word, it’s HAPPINESS!

You are my Sunshine Spells include:


Rid Depression

Rid Stress

Slow to anger

Non judgemental







About Moonstar7spirits

Moonstar7spirits wants the best for our customers.  We want you to be happy, healthy and successful.

We strive to provide items that are genuine and powerful.  We offer positive magick with the philosophy of "HARM NONE" in mind.

We do not offer demonic articles, revenge or harmful spells or spirits.

Rest assure that you are purchasing a genuine White magick article.

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