The pan is used; in immaculate, excellent condition.  The lid has a very light amount of microfine scratching--a very, very nice lid.  Comes with a rack and a cradle.  The wood-handled cradle still has the rubber covering the feet.
SHIPPING:  Please include your Physical address.  I usually ship via UPS or FedEx.  UPS and FedEx cannot deliver to a PO Box.

*A 1960 MAGAZINE AD SAID ABOUT PYROCERAM: "MOST AMAZING FREEZE-COOK-SERVE WARE TO USE OR GIVE! Defies hottest hot, coldest cold, yet so beautiful, so easy to clean! Truly amazing, freeze-cook-serve Corning Ware can go straight from icy freezer to red-hot burner or oven, then to the table handsomely! Possible only because it's made from fabulous missile material, Pyroceram! A dream to wash! Saucepans and skillets do double duty as casseroles. Also available, percolators and a teapot. . . ."

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