WalkFit Platinum Orthotic Insoles


100% Brand New


Material: semi-rigid plastic

Size: 3

Main Color: platinum





    Reduces pain in feet, knees, hips and back


    Strengthens heels and ankles

    Protects against shock

    Evenly distributes weight on your feet

    Three convenient arch inserts included

    Provides improved arch support

    Works with most types of shoes

    Allows your body to maintain balance




Remember –one should always seek out medical advice prior self-prescribing orthotics.





Package Included:



Each pair WalkFit Orthotics kit includes the following:



1 pair of WalkFit Platinum Orthotic Insoles, with 3 pairs interchangable arch supports in different height ( Low, Medium , High)



1 pair Acupressure Massage Insert