(13) Thirteen Antique Cabinet Card Photographs of the Horace Lowell Cleveland, Sr. (1863-1902) family of Maine. All the individuals in this family collection are identified on the back in period handwriting. They include: The Horace Lowell Cleveland, Sr. group family photo with his wife Mary and children Horace Lowell, James C. and Oscar A; Horace Lowell Cleveland (Jr., but not stated as Jr. on back); Lizzie Cleveland ("Mother"), Elizabeth Annette Cleveland ("John Cleveland's #2 mother of Willard". Photo taken in a studio in Lynn, Massachusetts); John & Jennie Cleveland ("Father of Willard"); Horace Cleveland (""Brother to John"); John Cleveland ("Willard's Father"); Lizzie Cleveland (two photos taken at different ages, both in studios in Lynn, Massachusetts); Jennie Ward Cleveland; May Cleveland; May Cleveland and her youngest son Willard; and "Aunt Kate Gould" (stated as Malinda Cleveland's sister.) Condition: These are original photographs, not copies or reproductions. They are in very good condition. Comments: Horace Lowell Cleveland was born October 7, 1863 in Maine. He was the son of Adin Cornelius Cleveland and Melinda Emeline Edwards. On September 3, 1889 he married Mary S. Bisbee (Born March 3, 1868 in Waterford, Maine. Died December 22, 1949 in Oxford, Maine) in Waterford, Maine and had 5 children. He passed away on July 13, 1902 in Otisfield, Maine. An on-line genealogy site lists his children as Lowell Cleveland, James Carroll Cleveland (1894-1986), Horace Lowell Cleveland Jr. (July 12 1892 in Waterford, Maine- Died 1981 in Pennsylvania), Oscar Adin Cleveland (1896-1911), and John Wesley Cleveland (1900-1976).