The TOSHIBA TLP759 consists of a GaA?As high?output light emitting diode and a high speed detector of one chip photo diode?transistor. This unit is 8-lead DIP. TLP759 has no internal base connection, and a faraday shield integrated on the photodetector chip provides an effective common mode noise transient immunity. So this is suitable for application in noisy environmental condition. Applications: Digital Logic Ground Isolation, Line Receiver, Microprocessor System Interfaces, Switching Power Supply Feedback Control, Transistor Inverter

Isolation voltage: 5000 Vrms(min.)

Switching speed: t pHL = 0.2 μ s(typ.) t pLH = 0.3 μ s(typ.) (R L =1.9 k Ω )

TTL compatible

UL recognized: UL1577, file No. E67349

Option (D4) type, VDE Approved: DIN EN 60747-5-2. Certificate No. 40009302. Maximum operating insulation voltage: 890V PK. Highest permissible over voltage: 6000V PK

Additional Details

Binding: Personal Computers

Color: white

Package quantity: 1

EAN: 0818497013973