This listing is for a
"2pin Power Cord"
This power cord fits the
Cory Jubilee 18 Cup Coffee Percolator
Model Numbers:
The female end of this cord that plugs into your appliance attaches to 2 round prongs.
(Cords for use in United States Power Outlets)
***You may need a power cord converter outside the U.S.

If you have any questions please ask before you "Bid" or "Buy."


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***Important message about this type of power cord:

 This type of power cord is intended to be attached to the appliance and 
only removed from the appliance when absolutely necessary. Such as the purpose
of cleaning the appliance. You should otherwise always leave the cord attached to
the appliance and only unplug the cord from the electrical wall outlet.

 If you repeatedly remove the cord from the appliance you will cause excessive wear 
to the compression contacts in the female end of the cord. This will eventually cause
a loose connection. A loose connection will cause electrical shorting that will result in
the cord getting to hot or a short so severe that it will pop a breaker.

 This rule applies to the power cord that was issued with your appliance when purchased 
new as well as this cord that you may be purchasing soon. Many consumers don't know
this simple rule and will wear out cords, cause damage to their appliance, or pop breakers.

Following this simple rule will increase the life of the power cord as well as the life of the 

***Important message about this type of power cord:

*Please note that the first time you attach this cord it has to be forced on to expand the compression contacts. 

If you need to remove the cord from the appliance it will require some force to remove it. *Remember, each time you install and remove this type of cord you are reducing the life of the cord. (This action is what causes the cord to become loose and eventually no longer function.)(This is one of the most common reasons a consumer needs to purchase a new cord.)