Small Acts of Resistance

How Courage, Tenacity, and Ingenuity Can Change the World

Crawshaw & Jackson-Hardbound


Everyone needs to be a rebel [at least in my opinion & I hope this book inspires you....]


Remarkable, mischievous, inspiring--the eighty-odd stories in Small Acts of Resistance bring hidden histories to life. The courage of the people in these stories is breathtaking. So, too, is the impact and imagination of their actions. These mostly little known stories--including those written from eyewitness experience of the events and situations described--reveal the role ordinary people have played in achieving extraordinary change. "In the real world, it will never happen," the skeptics love to tell us.

As this book so vividly shows, the skeptics have repeatedly been proven wrong. Stories in this include how: Strollers, toilet paper, and illegal ketchup helped end forty years of one-party Communist rule Dogs (and what they wore) helped protestors humiliate a murderous regime Internet videos about cuddly animals infuriated a repressive government which tried--and failed--to ban the craze Football crowds found ways of singing the national anthem so as to defy a junta of torturers, now in jail Women successfully put pressure on warlords to end one of Africa's bloodiest wars The singing of old folksongs hastened the collapse of an empire sustained by tanks If you think individuals are powerless to change the world, read this remarkable book and you'll surely change your mind.

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