Cooler bag, ice bag, ice packs, also known as passive refrigerator, is a high insulation, thermostatic effect package (with cool effects), multi-purpose cold, heat, fresh, high-quality materials, easy to carry , for those who prefer traveling by car, holiday outing, family picnic when using the product inner EPE is 10 mm thick, provides good insulation effect, now you can  carry iced drinks, cold drinks, the car outdoor, do not have to endure warm drinks!

Size:      Diameter: 19CM; height: 22CM
Volume: 1.2L
Material:Oxford cloth + cotton insulation + quality aluminum

the entire piece without stitching liner, 100% leak-proof.
high-quality insulation, thermal insulation effect of one-upmanship.
easy to carry lunch, heat the milk, let you eat anywhere.
Fashionable styles, many colors to choose