Label My Baby provides a fun way to personalize your child's belongings. Are your children in nursery school, daycare, or elementary school and need everything labeled? Label My Baby has waterproof stickers that will last through heavy wear and tear and many hot water washes (dishwasher safe). You can use these stickers for books, lunchboxes, sippy cups, backpacks, snack bags, pencil cases, the uses are endless. 

This R2D2 label is 2.62" wide by 1" high and comes with 10 labels per order so if you would like 10 labels please order a quantity of 1. Within those 10 labels you can customize the labels by using as many different names to accommodate more than one child. When ordering please tell me how many lables per name. 


These labels are $5.99 for 10.


During checkout click on "Note to Seller" link to provide personalization details.

Label My Baby thanks you for your business!