The Prince Thunder Lite 100 ESP utilizes Morph Beam geometry, as well as proven Triple Threat technology for a powerful combination. A racquet head is normally oval in shape; in some racquets Prince change (or morph) the shape to a more square profile in the throat area of the racket to help prevent twisting of the frame. This helps make the racquet more stable, and increases power.

Prince Triple Threat increases racquet stability by focusing weight using Titanium-Copper-Carbon in the three critical racquet locations: 10 o?clock, 2 o?clock and at the bottom of the handle. This unique weighting system provides excellent power, precision and comfort.

ESP (Extreme String Pattern) offers a more open 14x18 string bed for excellent string movement and response for extreme spin and slice.

Sweetspot Expansion zones at 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 allows the string to pass through, and not touch the frame (or grommet), until the outside of the head. This effectively lengthens the string without having to make the head bigger - this enlarges the sweet spot. On impact with the ball, the string can flex more, which also helps to soften the feel and add comfort to the racquet. THIS RACKET HASBROKEN STRINGS. THE RACKET IS IN GOOD CONDITION.