(15) Fifteen Antique Cabinet Card Photographs of the related and extended Head and George families of Shelburne, NH and Bartlett, NH. All individuals are identified in period handwriting on reverse sides. Those pictured include: William A. Head of Shelburne, NH in a portrait by Chadbourne Studio and listed as a member of the New Hampshire Legislature, 1907-1908; Two additional photos of William A. Head at the ages of 15 and 18, both indicating his residence to be in Shelbourne; Grace Woodbury, identified as the wife of William A. Head; Another photo of William A. Head shown holding a baby and dated 1898; Claris Elizabeth Head at the age of 8 months and identified as the daughter of William A. Head; John B. Head of Shelburne, dated 1890 (born in Allenstown, NH in 1837, son of Danniel Merrill and Almira Rogers Head); Nancy Green Head of Shelburne, dated 1890 (daughter of Augustus V. and Clarisa Green Stevens, and married to John B. Head in 1861); Alice Head of Shelburne, born 1871 and dated 1894; Charlotte Head George born June 5, 1901 and photographed on November 1, 1902; a second photo of Charlotte Head George taken at about the same age; a third photo of Charlotte Head George taken with Charles Herbert George of Bartlett, NH; a separate photo of Charles Herbert George of Bartlett and taken in 1909; Alice Head George and Charlotte Head George; and finally a photo that may just be a friend, identified as Ethlyn Lavell (sp?) of Stratford, Connecticut and gifted to Mrs. Head on February 14, 1908. Condition: These are all original photographs, not copies or reproductions. They are all in very good to excellent condition. Comments: