THREE stainless steel stuffing tubes for the Back to Basics & Oster meat grinder*  

Stainless steel stuffing tubes with 7/16", 3/4" and 1 1/4" exit diameters.    Works great with natural hog or fibrous casings for a variety of sausages.  Heavy stainless steel tube.  Will not dent, dishwasher safe and should last for decades. 

1/2"  for making snack sticks, slim jims, breakfast links  (6" long)

3/4" for traditional links like brats, smoked links, italian etc  (6" long)

1 1/4" for larger salami, summer sausage and filling freezer bags  (4" long)

*These tubes will fit your Back to Basics or Oster meat grinder if your round plates are approx 2 1/8" diameter.  They should be shaped like the one in the photo with two tabs on opposite sides.  The tubes fit under the ring.  (Plate is not included in purchase.  For reference only)

Purchase is for (3) stainless steel sausage stuffing tubes.   Stainless Steel.  Dishwasher safe. 

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