This stunning bendable bracelet is exact replica of Isabelle's snake whip ?

?  It is very long, in silver tone and comes with a gift pouch.

?  A whip is a rope-like tool used by Isabelle Lightwood as her primary weapon, aside from seraph blades. It is a tool traditionally used to exert control over others through pain compliance or fear of pain. It can also be used to loop around anything and for exerting binding pressure.

? This is Isabelle's weapon of choice, made from gold electrum wire. She uses this to entangle enemies and pull them to the floor. She is also strong enough to use it to pull limbs off. With glamour, mundanes see the whip as a long, silver, and gold bracelet on Isabelle's arm when not in use. In reality, it is the pattern of swirling lines of the whip, inked into her skin.

? Dear buyers, please note, that when you receive the bracelet, it might seem to you too difficult to shape it. It does not mean, that the bracelet is defective. You need to spend some time to learn, how to change it's shape, so that it looks like in the picture. You don't have to be afraid to shape it in many ways, it will not break. It's very flexible!

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