Vintage Ecuador 900 Silver Gemstone Pendant Brooch Animal Petroglyphs
Prong Set Faceted Gemstone Cabochon
Ethnic Tribal  Pin Jewelry
Primitive Design Aztec Mayan
Pre-Columbian Style Motif
South American Artisan
Amerindian Incan Empire
Round Circle Medallion
This is an unusual vintage highly detailed etched silver brooch or pin from an artisan silversmith and was made in Ecuador. It also has a bail for hanging to be worn as a pendant on a necklace.  It is a large, circular medallion design and features an animal motif with images of five (5) different animals. It is marked “Ecuador 900” on the back of the piece, it has not been tested. This type of silver is commonly used in South America and 900 silver is 90% silver or 900/100 whereas 925 silver is 92.5% or 925/1000. This is most likely from the 1940s to 1950s. It weighs .80 ounces on my postage scale, which converts to 2.68 grams. It is 2 ½ inches in diameter.
This is a unique design and is quite dramatic. It is in great vintage condition as you can see by the enlarged photographs. I have not polished it as many people prefer the older patina tone that comes with age. I will leave that up to you if you decide you want it to shine. It has a secure old “C” clasp as well as a bail ring for the necklace. Please look at the photos as they are part of the description and show the details better than I can describe.
This would be a great addition to your collection of handcrafted artisan tribal or ethnic jewelry.  If you collect Ecuadorian wearable art, this is for you!
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