This unique mosaic is made up of over 200 of the greatest Cub players from 1876-Present, including  all the  players from the 2016 World Series roster!

Created by color matching various areas of the main image with the facial images of the players. So what appears as just a photo of the main logo when viewed from a distance is actually made up of players faces and very noticeable when viewed a few feet away.

My unique process allows you see clearly see the players faces without compromising the main image.

All your favorite Cubs players are shown and included with your print is a free 8x10" thumbnail image or “cheat sheet” showing by name the players in the Mosaic. (You can see who is in the mosaic by clicking the last two images above.)

AVAILABLE IN FOUR VARIATIONS: (see below for more descriptive details)

8X10" Print with an 11x14" blue matte and red boarder. (Picture 1)

8x10" Print with an 11x14" black frame and blue matte (Picture 2)

16x20" Print only, with a red boarder on print. (Picture 3)

16x20" Framed and Matted print with a 20x24" black frame and blue matte. (Picture 2)

*8.5x11" Double sided thumbnail image sheet listing all the players (Included) (Pictures 4 & 5)




-8x10" MATTED: (11x14" Matte)

Mounted on a 11x14" BLUE acid free matte, with a thick hard foam core backing.

Just pop the matte in any standard size 11x14" frame and your good to go. (Tip, Michaels and AC Moore offer a variety of affordable 11x14" frames off the shelf.)

Matted only is a good option for someone who has specific taste in frames.

-8x10" FRAMED AND MATTED: (11x14" Frame)

Glass frame ready to hang out of the box. Frame color is black with 3/4" wood molding mounted in a BLUE matte.

This is a convenient option for someone who doesn't want the hassle of looking for a frame or doesn't have the wall space for a larger size print.

-16x20" PRINT ONLY:

Fits any standard 16x20" Frame. Printed on high quality premium luster photo paper, using chromed-based ink for longer lasting prints. (The ink is said to last about 100 years) Print has a red boarder around the edge to give it a matted look.

The images a bit larger on these compared to the 11x14" and a bit easier to see from a distance. A great option for someone who has specific framing taste.

-16x20" FRAMED AND MATTED: (20x24" Frame)

Ready to hang out of the box. This is a black wood frame with a BLUE matting.

The Clean cut frame is a clean and consistent, modern, contemporary profile made from a solid real wood (BonanaWood*) with a beveled edge. The frame is black and 1 ¼” thick with styrene glass. **

*BonanaWood, is a solid material with a very smooth, fine-textured surface. It cuts like pine and readily accepts nails and hangers. BonanaWood provides the expressive finish and look of solid wood.

** Styrene is type of thermoplastic and comes in a flexible sheet that is .035 of an inch thick. Styrene weighs roughly half as much as glass and is more shatter resistant than glass. It is a better insulator than glass and is less likely to accumulate condensation.


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