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Vessel: Tiny orange crystal perfume bottle with beautiful sparkly swarovski beads! The bottle has a female djinn bound to it. It is also filled with Djinn perfume, which is our very own special blend of herbal oils and rare perfume that smells heavenly! Put a little on yourself as an offering to your djinn to make a closer connection. I will also include an extra refill vial of this potion with your djinn! It has a lovely scent that will remind you of money. You will love it and so will your Genie!

This djinn resonates with an energy that makes you feel energized, motivated and determined. You will reach your goals effortlessly with this vibrant genie on your side. She brings joy, warmth, heat, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, sexuality, freedom, expression, and fascination.

She is a wish granting djinn that will manifest all of your desires quickly.

This gorgeous Genie was recently conjured by Master Mahindred Shamasee!!

She is from the Royal Phylum and is ready to grant UNLIMITED WISHES! Like humans, each have their own unique personalities and appearances.

You will never regret the purchase of an Authentic Djinn. They can make even the most bleak situations turn around quickly. People that own a Djinn say that there is nothing quite like the human/djinn relationship. They remove blocks, bring vast wealth and turn your life into something you have only dreamed of until now!

Will YOU be the next keeper of of this beautiful, top level djinn? She awaits your every desire and command. She can be easily summoned and she is not shy or evasive. The powerful invocation spell has already conjured this gorgeous Genie, you will hold the power to activate the spell that will awaken her to a lifetime of loyal service.

The GORGEOUS bottle that houses this one of a kind Female Genie buzzes with her vibrant energy! You will feel and experience her one of a kind feminine presence immediately. You will be bedazzled by her beauty and intoxicated by her scent. You will not be able to get this Genie out of your mind if she is meant for you!