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Organic Genovese Basil- Pesto lovers unanimously recommend Genovese as the best variety for pesto due to its distinctively sweet flavor. Plants are strong producers of dark-green, glossy leaves with a characteristic spoon shape. Average height is 10-12”.
(Ocimum basilicum var genovese)

Days to maturity: 68 days
Approximately 400 Inoculated seeds


Organic Santo Cilantro- Both seed (coriander) and leaves (cilantro) are used in numerous cuisines from around the world. Often associated with Mexican dishes, this strongly scented herb grows with flat, toothed leaves. Chop into salsas and other preparations. Seeds are reputed to help reduce stress. Easy to grow and tolerant of cooler conditions, it prefers direct sun.
(Coriandrum sativum)

Days to maturity: 55 days leaf, 95 seed
Approximately 125 Inoculated seeds


Organic Italian Flat Leaf - A very flavorful parsley preferred by chefs. Delicious fresh or dried. Classic flat leaf variety for use either fresh or dried as a garnish or seasoning. Stems hold leaves upright for easy bunching. A very nutritious and tasty addition to meat or vegetable dishes, soups or even salads.
(Petroselinium crispum)

Days to maturity: 70 days
Approximately 500 Inoculated Seeds.
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