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AURA hOME CLEANSING stones new year special GET BAD OUT

I am very please to bring you these healing, protection, and aura cleansing crystals.


Cleanse your body and start new. Get rid of the old and heal your mind body and soul!

Will also get rid of that so called bad luck. Your "bad luck" may be more serious than you thought. This Deep-cleansing spelled item helps remove curses, evil or negative energy. Then it installs a solid layer of protection that repels all spiritual attacks.


If you wear it it will cleanse you or leave in a window to cleanse whole house or room!

These are also cast to cleanse your space. Yes. Your space if there are any cracks or negative energy around your home or you one of these will get rid of it.


These are spellcasted orgone energy pyramids from my coven member and frienmd Lady Raven. We will have more if these sell well. She works directky with oregone energy products.


These tachyon products are designed to continuously bring energy and cleanse your body, mind, and soul along with that of your home. to you. Among the benefits are the potential to bring things to order, activate the healing power, it balances as well as harmonize energies, increase the frequency of the physical and energetic bodies and helps in cleansing and protecting the aura from negative energies. You can place these products on your body, or you can opt to put it in your pocket, or you can use it in healing, etc.






Vessel: 1 special cast crystal



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