Vintage Double Ibex Gazelle Figural Brooch Pin Israel Museum Products
Designer Signed 
Silver Tone Silvertone Metal
Nahal Mishmar Judean Desert
Cave of Treasures
Replica Ancient Artifact Copy 4th Millennium B.C.E.
Egyptian Mesopotamian
Matte Silver Tone Finish
Two headed Animal
Horned Creature Dual Heads
This is a museum replica brooch or pin made by Israel Museum Products, which is a subsidiary of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, which is ranked among the leading museums in the world. Their items are sold in museums around the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It is signed on the back with the letters I.M.P. It measures approximately 1 ¾ inches by 2 inches.
The brooch is a copy of an ancient design of a double headed Ibex, a Gazelle like animal standing on top of a double bladed mace tool. The original item was most likely a scepter or pole top that was used in ceremonial rituals. The original item was found in 1961 by archaeologists in the Judean desert in what is now known as the “Cave of Treasures”.  There is a small picture insert of the original item and you can view the article regarding the treasures on 
This brooch is in great vintage condition as you can see by the enlarged photographs. The scratches and marks on the brooch are meant to be there, they were on the original piece from which this replica was created. Please look at the photos as they are part of the description and show the details better than I can describe.
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