(Wholesale Price TOTAL 50 for just $125 Best Assorted Pieces (Regular Retail $10/Pieces )

Made in Nepal.  Handmade and hand crochet with special imported glass twinkling beads. These kind of bracelets are the wonderful gift for MOM, SPOUSE, SISTERS, DAAUGHTERS and relatives.  You can mix and match for the beauty of its uniqueness. This Roll On Bracelet lot of 10 is unique and handmade by rural Nepalese women. Wonderful items for fair , trade show, jewelry exhibition and GIFTS. Glittering and fit in any hands due to its unique and secret characterizes. They are one size fits all and simply roll-on over any hand. Color combinations and designs vary widely and no two are the same. Not may be exactly the same color as per shown in picture due to its uniqueness and difference which is its characteristics.



-  Excellent item for charity, fund raising and donation.

-  Free Shipping for 3 or more order..

-  Handmade in Nepal (in rural areas nearby Kathmandu Valley)

-  Cotton thread and glass seed beads

-  Sized at 7 inches to roll easily over most hands

-  Bestselling item for donation, boutiques and charity events


This glittering bracelet made with high quality Czech glass beads is hand beaded by women in Nepal. Japanese, Indian, Taiwan and Chinese glass beads are used to make extra glittering for beauty and color combination.  These Fair Trade bracelets help to raise women and their families from this third world country out of poverty by selling their items for fair trade prices. Artisans of Nepalese women are paid above the fare trade wage in Nepal which make their life comfortable to fight against poverty. Your purchase makes difference to improve the lives of women in Nepal.

Note- please send me your best preference colors and designs of bracelets so I can try my best to make assortment as available. There is no guarantee of the items number you request but I will try to send nearer colors. Please send me the numbers from the bracelets posted in pictures which can be seen if you enlarge. Please send alternates numbers too as per your choice.