This djinn vessel

is one that truly reaches into the deepest and most passionate realms of the Paranormal World. Until now, this is Powerful Ancient DJINN is a Sacred casting of the Highest Power that brings Pure DJINN Magick. It bares no Evil or Negative Influence and will not harm you or your Family to bring you what you Desire! I am offering this Powerful DJINN!this is your chance to gain Ultimate



and health, love

Material Abundance!

The Sacred Arabic Marid Djinn are Genies of the Highest Class and Power! They bring forth Unlimited Wishes and will Grant anything you Desire!

These magickal beings are Conjured from the 7th Gate of Monequis Realm to serve & bring you Infinite Wealth! 


You will attract Money

Your finances will may multiply

Trust in the powers and watch your money grow!

Start living the life of luxury you deserve!

This RING contains the Power of 1 King SOLOMONS Marid Djinn

All entities are Extremely Rare and will Grant


of Wealth and Desire!

Are you ready to be Blessed by the power of Ultimate changes

That lie within this Powerful RING!

Don't let another minute slip by!

Now is the time!

Here are just a few of the Metaphysical Powers this Vessel holds:

Strength of Mind


Money Minded Intuition

Negating Negativity and Those with Ill Intent

Removing Obstacles

Self Advancement

Granted Wishes


AND SO MUCH MORE! Once bonded this djinn will move heavens and earth to help you in the ways you want extremely strong and powerful a djinn that you can feel the moment you place this ring on your finger the energy is that strong you may feel dizzy or lightheaded but this will pass. You may even feel  your 3rd eye opening this is normal. This djinn call out to you so listen and answer for he is then for you. He is 25000 years old.


The law requires that I inform you that spells,
metaphysical items and readings are for entertainment purposes only. You must be
at least 18 years old to purchase these items and do so at your own risk. thecovent
is not liable for misuse of these items, nor liable for any activity
or occurrence that may or may not happen in connection with these items. I make
no medical claims, and cannot guarantee the results for any person.