It is recommended that you measure the length of a dog's back and chest, back length do not include the length of the neck and tail, chest circumference is the forelimb part of the perimeter of the widest. In the process of your choose and purchase, remind you note: pet clothing on the back should not be longer than the pet's actual back length, because dogs often sit down, long clothes is easy to dirty, and clothes chest should be greater than the actual chest length of dog, it is convenient for its activities. Please consider 0.5 inch error.
S:back 9.5, chest 15, neck 9.5 inches
M:back 11, chest 18, neck 11 inches
L:back 13.5, chest 20.5, neck 13.5 inches
XL:back 16, chest 23, neck 16 inches.
XXL:back 17.3, chest 23.6, neck 16.5 inches

Made of PU leather,Windproof and waterproof

Snap fastener, easy to dress and undress

Fall/winter collection biker faux leather dog jacket

Available in 5 sizes.Large size:back 13.5, chest 20.5, neck 13.5 inches
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