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Worlds of George Pal (1985). Signed by Director Arnold Leibovit. Like New Never Played Condition



Image Entertainment/Arnold Leibovit Productions
The Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal
Director, Producer, Writer: Arnold Leibovit
Narrated by: Paul Frees
Starring: Robert Bloch, Chesley Bonestell, Ray Bradbury, Wah Chang, Tony Curtis, Jim Danforth, Joe Dante, Roy Edward Disney, Barbara Eden, Duke Goldstone, Gae Griffith, Ray Harryhausen, Charlton Heston, Walter Lantz, Janet Leigh, Albert Nozaki, David Pal, Zsoka Pal (Mrs. George Pal), Tony Randall, Ann Robinson, Gene Roddenberry, Russ Tamblyn, Rod Taylor, William Tuttle, Gene Warren, Robert Wise, Alan Young
Condition: Like New Never Played Condition
93 mins.
Stereo Digital Transfer
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The Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal (1985 - 93 minutes), written, produced and directed by Arnold Leibovit, is a spectacular documentary about the life and workmanship of the director George Pal. It presents some very cool testimonies of Rod Taylor, Ray Bradbury, Tony Curtis, Joe Dante, Barbara Eden, Ray Harryhausen, Roy Disney, Charlton Heston, Walter Lantz, Janet Leigh, Tony Randall, Gene Roddenberry and Robert Wise. Originally an architect, the Hungarian George Pal (1908-1980) is one of the best references of the fantastic cinema and the animation in stop-motion. Pal became famous in Europe for his advertising films using animation of dolls, technique named by him as Puppetoons. The first one of them, in 1932, was a great success and showed cigarettes dancing. Running away from the Second World War, the director went to United States where he began to work to Paramount Pictures. He started making a series of short animations and soon he was producing and directing movies, always with his particular touch of fantasy and special effects. During five decades Pal produced and/or directed classics as The Great Rupert, Destination Moon, When Worlds Collide, The War of the Worlds, Houdini, The Naked Jungle, Conquest of Space, Tom Thumb, The Time Machine, Atlantis: The Lost Continent, The Wonderful Worlds of Brothers Grimm, Seven Faces of Doctor Lao, The Power and Doc Savage. An indispensable documentary!

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