Two Pairs Vintage Wood Spanish Castanets Flamenco Dancers Bullfighter
Bullfight Matador
One of a Kind Handcrafted
Hand Carved Castanuelas
Folk Dance Accessory Clappers
Wooden Percussion Musical Instrument
Latin Rhythmic Sound
Man and Woman Dancing
This is an attractive set of wooden Spanish Castanets. They are used for the Flamenco dance as percussion instruments and are made of two concave wooden shells joined on one edge by a string. The Castanets are held in the hand and clicked together to make rhythmic sounds in a series of clicks; the dancers use two pairs and hold one in each hand. They measure approximately 2 ¾ inches by 1 ¾ inches each.  They are held together with twisted red and yellow string with little red and yellow tassel pom-poms on each end. Each set contains one clapper of a Matador and Bull scene in bright colors and one of Flamenco Dancers. The bullfight scenes are on a dark brown wood and the dancers a lighter blonde wood color, which are different from each other. You can keep them the way they are or change them out and make a set of the dancers and a set of the Matadors.
These are in great vintage condition as you can see by the enlarged photographs. The images are transfers that were placed onto the wood and varnished over, rather than being hand painted artwork. Please look at the photos as they are part of the description and show the details better than I can describe.
This is a wonderful set for any Ballroom Dancer or someone who collects vintage musical instruments. They would be great as a decorative collectible in any home and can easily be hung on a wall or placed into a shadow box for a craft project.
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