Advanced, proven, and guaranteed spell casting to fill someone's mind with thoughts, and dreams of you. Create a dynamic of deep desire for you within their mind. They will obsess about you, pursue you, and need to be yours.

Do you want someone to obsess about you, and think about you nonstop?

Within 24 hours after this spell is complete, you will fill their dreams. They will dream of you non-stop. Your presence in their nightly dreams will make it hard for them to even do their everyday tasks.

They will not be able to stop these dreams and will attempt to act on them to bring what they have been dreaming of to fruition. Full love, devotion, lust, enjoyment.

All of their dreams will be of pure happy times and will form pressure on them of the great times you spent together and of how much they miss you. If the situation dictates, and you've never been close to the person that you desire, I can, and will cast for that particular person to BEGIN dreaming of you, and thinking of you non-stop, until they pursue you for a romantic relationship.

With this pressure night after night, they will begin to long for you once again, or anew.

Their dreams will be consumed with thoughts of you.

This will truly haunt their dreams in the best way possible.

A lot of people do not realize, but a good bit of our lives are influenced by our dreams. how many times have you dreamed of a long lost friend and then the next day you thought about how they were doing now, or how to get in contact with them. Think about this happening night after night and the amount of pressure it would cause you to have about contacting this person.

That's exactly how this casting works.

After this spell is cast, all of their dreams will be about you. Their mind will become totally focused on you and wanting to be with you to ease the pressures of the dreams.

Upon your purchase you'll be contact directly so that we can begin to discuss your situation, and your desires. Each, and every spell that we cast is 100% customized to meet our client's unique, specific desires. I will ask you to share with me some basic information (your name, and astrology sign). Beyond that, anything that you wish to share, or discuss with me is entirely up to you. I hold your privacy to the utmost level of importance. ANYTHING discussed between you, and I will be kept between you and I. I take your privacy VERY seriously.

I'd like to share a little bit about our mission, who we are, what we do, and what it all means for you - We are a group of highly trained, very passionate metaphysical practitioners. We take our work very, very seriously. When we are not working on spell castings for our wonderful clients we are working individually, and/or together to learn, to become better, to continue to be the best we possibly can be at our work.

Our passion is simple - To provide you with real results through spell casting. The use of energies has been a part of our world for 10's of thousands of years. That discipline has largely gotten lost in today's modern world. We want to show you the dynamic possibilities that come from specific, pointed, advanced energy work.

Things like money, success, love, passion, romance, relationships, spirituality, the way you live each day of your life, the way you feel, how happy you are, and how much you simply enjoy this all too short lifetime of ours can be directly, and powerfully influenced by our work.

Let us prove it to you.

We practice peaceful, balanced white light magick only. NO black magick, NO voodoo. Our magick is the safest, and most balanced of energy work. There will never be any negative side effects, imbalance of karma, and we do NOT draw away from others to provide for you. We work within your own energies, and with energies that exist around us all, to produce your desires.

I'm sure you may find yourself wondering: What is magick, and what do we offer? Magick is another word for transformation, creation, and manifestation. Magick is a tool we use to act on the subtle, or quantum level of reality. The quantum level is the causal realm. It is the subtle influences at the quantum level that decide which way reality will go for you in your future.

If you want to manifest something into ordinary reality, you start by stimulating the quantum realm to favor that potentiality with the help of an experienced, well-traveled practitioner of magickal theory. Peacefully, and expertly manipulating these energies will produce a specific result. That is what we can do for you.

All of us are basically big balls of energy. Now, we are effected all day, every day by constantly changing energies, they shift, they move, they arrive, and they depart. Essentially what I do as a professional is enter your spirit's "chamber" where the energies are kept, otherwise commonly known as your aura. I hold a ritual, which is a seance, chant, prayer, and often ritualistic actions on my end (candles, herbs, so on so forth) while "in" your spirit.

The ritual nudges the energies within you, and all around you in to specific, perfect alignment and strength to produce a real result.

Lastly, a few quick notes:

You are purchasing a spell casting service. Nothing is going to be sent to you in the mail. All correspondence will take place through Bonanza messenger or email, whichever you prefer. I will guide you through this process. I will inform you when your spell has been cast, what the actual ritual entailed, and why, how I feel about it, how well everything went, what I feel you should expect moving forward, and more. I will never leave you in the dark during this process. I am very communicative, and thorough.

As a legal disclaimer I am forced to state that services rendered are intended only for those that are 18 years old, or older, and that you are purchasing at your own risk. Any form of metaphysical work, spell castings, prayer, or psychic service is considered for "entertainment purposes" only. All sales are final. The seller will not, and cannot not be held responsible for misuse of the service rendered and does not guarantee any activity, occurrences or experiences, paranormal or otherwise, that may or may not occur in association within. No service rendered by this seller may be used in place of any form of necessary professional care. Purchasing this service constitutes your understanding and agreement to these terms.