Rabat Covered plate is usually used to serve Turkish Delight in Istanbul, I think they should be used to serve individual serving of Appetizer’s and Tapas style food for the small plates and the large plate could hold individual Lunch or Dinner servings similar to Tagine dishes. Perfect for entertaining and serving appetizers or use as covered butter plate, cheese plate entertain like a celebrity with this food safe covered plate.

Each piece is hand made using spun glass technique by pouring 2000?F liquid glass inside hardened steel molds and spinning the mold until the liquid glass takes shape of the mold. Luster paint is then applied on the hot glass surface to penetrate inside the soft glass surface which cools down to 1200?F after spinning. Luster is a paint material formulated by combining organic color pigments and 24K gold in order to resist such high temperature levels and not to burn out. As the product is cooled down slowly in a special cooling furnace, the color gets to its final aspect with the iridescence summoned from the 24K gold.

You can use this piece of art dish as a decor piece on your table, nuts bowl, jewellery tray or even a bath decor item. You can also serve small bites of food as desserts, appetizers, cheese etc... in this bowl to decorate your table at your dinner party. It is a chic dish to store your cut lemon, butter, honey etc… in refrigerator as well. You can also use as a candle holder for tealights which will be easy to put out the candle by easily closing the lid. They are also great to decorate a wedding table with their shimmer.

• Dimensions may vary due to the organic nature of spun glass production technique

Diameter: 9" - 23 cm

Height: 6" - 15 cm

• All glass decorations are applied on the back of the items, front faces are always pure glass

• Set includes 2 dishes of the same selected color

• Food safe and oxidation free.

• Suitable to serve both Cold and Hot dishes

• Not dishwasher, microwave or oven safe, hand wash only

Designed in California USA and handmade in Turkey using hand made glass, organic paints and materials.