LM358 Audio Level Indicator DIY KIT.


*Important Note:  The DIY KIT requires soldering/assembly.  No instructions sheet is provided, however, any person with basic-electronic circuit Reading/Assembly will be able to solder all parts to the PCB correctly.  Overall assembly difficulty level is Easy.  If you have any questions, please ask, thank you.


What will I receive?

2 pcs x Complete as pictured LM358 Audio 10-Level Indicator DIY KIT (LED VU Meter).

12 pcs x IC Sockets 8-PIN for the LM358s.

Sample Video:



The LM358 is implemented as an amplifier to the audio input provided by the microphone.  Note that the microphone can be replaced and instead use it as line input.  Line input example:  Audio output from a CD-Player/MP3 Player etc.  If the user decides to utilize the audio output from an already amplified audio signal, then the sensitivity of the VU Meter must be set to minimum.  The sensitivity can be adjusted by the 470 KOhm variable resistor (please refer to circuit schematic for details).

The remainder 5-LM358s (bottom of circuit schematic) are used as voltage comparators to indicate the audio/sound signal level.

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