MCU LED VU Meter, Dual Channel 12-LED.
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Please note*:  Do not try to re-program the MCU from the PCB board, thank you.

MCU Adjustable Display Pattern LED VU Meter:

The MCU utilized in this Dual Channel LED VU Meter is pre-programmed and comes with adjustable LED pattern.  The VU Meter has Dual-Channel (left and right) with 12-LEDs per channel.  The KIT has been soldered and tested.  The KIT can be powered by 9-12 Volts and has a maximum operational current of 75 mA.  If any questions, please ask, thank you.

Partial details on MCU VU Meter:

Soldered LED Color:  All Green LEDs
PCB Size:  2.05" Width x 4.36" Length
PCB Material:  FR4 1.7mm Thickness
PCB Height (with installed LEDs):  0.55"
Power Supply (Battery):  9-12 Volts

What is Included?

2 pcs x MCU Adjustable LED Display Pattern VU Meter fully assembled & tested.

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