Womens Heat HolderWool Rich Thermal Sock

Feet need to be warm on the coldest of days, so pull on a pair of Heat Holders Long Wool, the ultimate thermal sock.


The same greatness of the original wool Heat Holders, but with extra Long length, to keep even more of you warm!

Thick, chunky with a massive tog rating of 2.7, they are over 8X warmer than the basic cotton sock (0.33 tog)!

This is as they have been made from a specially developed thermal woolwhich works to provide high performance insulation against the cold - along with superior moisture breathing abilities. 

As well as this, the Heat Holders Loops produces a unique pile of cushioning which holds in even more warm air, and keep your feet fully comfortable and supported throughout the long day.

These extreme socks have a expert brushing process, causing the inside to be not only sensationally soft,but also helps to maximise the amount of warm air held inside close to the skin making your feet warmer, for longer!


These super cosy Heat Holders are made from a soft and non-itchy wool rich blend, making our warmest heat holder sock ever! 

Heat Holders Wool comes in 6 great colors so that you can combine warmth, comfort and style into one ultimate package!!

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