Satin Smooth Top Hold Ups

These hold ups feel luxurious on the skin, with their soft shine leg for a flattering look. 

With a smooth top, these hold ups are perfect for casual wear.

Also great for wearing under tight fitting clothing, leaving no visible bumps. 

They also have a sandal toe, meaning they can be worn with open toed shoes.

This is as instead of a bulky reinforced toe, they have a thin seam on the toe instead. 

These hold ups stay in place for prolonged wear, with a strip of silicone at the top of the stocking.  

These hold ups are available in 3 sizes and 3 colour variationsThey have a 10 denier thickness.

Also available as stockings in our amazon store. 


  34-36" Hip     34-36" Hip     34-36" Hip  
4' 11" / 5' 3" Small Medium Large
5' 3" / 5' 7"  Medium Medium Large
5' 7" / 5' 10"  Medium Large -
5' 10" / 6"  Large Large -


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