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Pair of stickers

for all you non rednecks that is 2 stickers / Decals

The stickers are made of Vinyl for your helmet or wherever you want a small sticker for.

For you non rednecks, Vinyl means it stretches.

It is not  Plastic that rips and tears easily

Quality USA Made Full Size Vinyl Bumper Sticker

Printed with Quality U.V.Inks to withstand the outdoor elements

Our Quality Vinyl Stickers are manufactured for indoor or outdoor use.

They are designed to be applied to most any smooth surface such as Trucks,Boats,ATV,Bikes,Gun cases,windows and the Dogs House (Which You might be living in if you put it in the wrong place and the wife finds out) :)

We ship to Norway,Switzerland,Croatia,Uk,Canada,Spain,France, Germany,Australia,Ireland,Portugal,Denmark,Brazil,Austria, Sweden,New Zealand,Finland,Iceland,Israel and Italy