1937 Map of
The old Spanish and Mexican Ranchos of Los Angeles County

Detailed Specifications

This is a Reproduction of the Original Map.

This Map Comes in Sizes:
11"x12.5", 16"x18.5" and 23"x26.5"

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Shows roads, drainage, cities, compass rose, etc.
Exploring the history of the region through the old Spanish and Mexican Ranchos. 

The Rancho system was put in place by the Spanish mission and later carried out by the Mexican Government.

Title framed with ornamental cartouche.
Color vignettes illustrating missions, ship, ox cart, etc.
Relief shown pictorially

This map comes with a white border around the image
-How are the prints shipped?
They are rolled and placed into a rigid tube.

-Is this available in a larger/smaller size.
Yes. For smaller or larger sizes, email us.