Hello and welcome to my shop of wonderful and magical things today I have to offer a very special ring something I have been given the opportunity to bestow upon another. This ring was passed down to me from a very special and Powerful witch. I have been given many opportunities to hold power beyond what I could imagine. I've accepted much of this power and helped many people. But I am aging quickly the Earth soon wishes to consume my Powers my soul and my kindness. This means many of these items that obtain the immaculate power and light that I once cherished and held close to my heart must be passed on to another or all this power will be lost and never given the opportunity to flourish in a world so different from when they were created.

This ring is something I wish I never had to give up. It was to be passed on to my daughter who sadly we'll never be able to wear it. My granddaughter has already taken on a very powerful Mentor witch was passed on something equal power to her. This means this powerful ring this phenomenal ring has no place to go after the Earth consumes my life. So here I am searching for someone who truly deserves the power. I have already chosen that someone but I don't know what name only a color and an energy. I've cast over this ring a very powerful enchantment giving only that color and energy the ability to take this ring. When I say color I mean the color of your aura color of your soul. This is very important to me and the power that comes with this ring is indescribable it will bring out your true inner natural power something that many of us have never had the ability to find. In this listing I will have a paragraph This paragraph will have meaning the one meant to take on this ring. Think long and hard and read through the paragraph over and over again listen to your soul.
With light comes love with love comes life take my heart and bring it site. With hate comes fate make life wait as We Are One with all it takes. The sun is true but the Moon is kind the rivers and lakes will fall behind