LiteMark Durable Footprint Decal Stickers for Floors and Walls


Extra Small LiteMark Durable Footprints

20 Footprint Pack - 10 Right / 10 Left = 5 Pairs. One pack covers approximately 14 foot distance depending on spacing. A great way to direct foot traffic for events with a child theme. Baby shower, pre-school, Sunday School and daycare.

These LiteMark Brand Vibrant Color Through prints are used to visually guide people. The realistic size is easily visible - 6 inches long a medium toddler shoe size 6.

These foot shape cut outs show people where they should stand. Make your event unique! These footprints are easy to apply and a great visual way to eliminate confusion. Want to show people where to step for dance moves or where to stand for portraits? These temporary feet are a great solution.

Specially made using a high tack acrylic adhesive! Prior to application it is best to clean the surface. No special preparation is required just be sure it is clean and dry.

Great to lay out a walking path, designate traffic directions on each side of a hall or stairway, line up kids for gym or recess. These stickers are best for smooth indoor surfaces. Often seen at picture day, daycare centers, retail stores, schools, hospitals and for rehearsals. They may be used for events on carpet. Bear in mind that the footprints will take on the texture of the carpet and will look wavy. Results will vary based on traffic and carpet texture.

Simplify rehearsal positions: Place a pair of footprints on the stage where each person should stand.

Use for way finding at Church Sunday School, gym, theater or clinic. Designate start and path of queue. A great tool to improve patient satisfaction - Direct people to customer service or information desk.